Course - Research culture. Ethics, integrity & research assessment

Bucharest, November 18, 2022


Ioana Spanache

11/24/20221 min read

woman reading book
woman reading book

On the 18th of November, Prof. Adrian Curaj, Chair Holder and Ioana Spanache, PhD, Research Assessment Expert within the UNESCO Chair held a course dedicated to PhD students from SNSPA (the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration) on the topic of Research Culture - Ethics, integrity & research assessment.

The course gathered over 30 PhD students from all areas of research covered by SNSPA's Doctoral School, and was meant to highlight current evolutions happening at European and international levels regarding research culture and research assessment, evolutions that might impact the career paths of PhD students as early career researchers.

Among the referenced topics were: ERA's vision for research culture, the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity from ALLEA, the undergoing process of digital transformation of research and its implications, the importance of different academic activities for research careers, the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment and its Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment, new practices in research assessment (e.g the narrative CV), and other.

All approached subjects were meant to help navigate students and young researchers through the complexities of the research and innovation ecosystem. And given the high level of interest shown by participants, new sessions will be organized to explore related and new relevant topics.