About Us

We are a UNESCO Chair on Science and Innovation Policies, affiliated with a renowned public university. Our mission is to advance knowledge and understanding in the fields of policy, science, and innovation management. Through our educational and research activities, we aim to enhance the formulation and evaluation of public policies for research, development, and innovation.

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black and silver round ball

Our principles


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five green plants

Evidence-based Decision Making


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three clear beakers placed on tabletop

Fostering collaboration among stakeholders to drive scientific advancements and innovation.

Promoting the use of evidence-based approaches for informed decision making in science and innovation policies.

Advocating for sustainable practices in science and innovation to ensure long-term societal and environmental benefits.


Our team

Chair holder

cosmin holeab

Researcher, Policy Analyst

Alina irimia

Researcher, Open Science

radu gheorghiu

Researcher, Foresight

Researcher, Research assessment


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